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The Bureau of Probation and Parole oversees the supervision of parolees in the community.

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Parolees are required to abide by certain terms and conditions set by the commission, and parole officers monitor offender compliance. Parolees generally have the same terms and conditions as probationers and are required to participate in community programming. In Idaho probation is governed directly by the courts. Generally, you must have family or employment to be seriously considered. You must apply through the Adult or Juvenile Compact office of the state you are in and be accepted by Colorado prior to moving.

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How do I find out if someone is on Probation? Juvenile information is confidential. How do I pay supervision fees and other costs I am supposed to pay? Other fines and fees plus restitution may be ordered as well. If you are unable to pay immediately, your Probation Officer will refer you to the Collections Office to set up a payment schedule that fits with your personal budget.

If you are a lower risk case and supervised by the private provider who contracts with the Probation Department, your supervision fee will be paid to the provider instead of the Collection Office of the Court. How does someone get on Probation? A sentence to probation is ordered by the Court after an adult defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty of a criminal offense.

A juvenile may be sentenced to probation if adjudicated a delinquent by the Court because of a criminal act. Is Probation the same as Community Corrections? Community Corrections is another sentencing option available to the Judge for adults. However, technically offenders sentenced to Community Corrections are under the jurisdiction of the Probation Department and there are times when a person on probation is placed in the residential program at Community Corrections as a condition of probation.

How to Find Someone's Probation Officer -

The Community Corrections facility also houses offenders who are coming to the end of their prison sentence and are transitioning back to living in the community. Is Probation the same as Parole? Probation is a sentencing option imposed instead of a sentence to the Colorado Department of Corrections for adults or commitment to the Division of Youth Corrections for juveniles. Parole is a conditional release from the secure custody provided by either of these state departments. Supervision requirements may be similar and there are rare occasions when someone is on parole and probation at the same time.

The Terms and Conditions of probation are the requirements set by the Court as part of the probation sentence. Some conditions, like the necessity to remain law abiding, are required by law and others may be more directly related to the specific individual, like attending mental health counseling or paying restitution.

Can a Prison Inmate Be Released Early?

What does the Probation Department do for victims of crime? Individual Probation Officers are responsible for enforcing restitution orders and other conditions of probation. What happens after I have been put on Probation by the Judge? Unless the Court specifically places an individual on unsupervised probation, you should immediately report to the Probation Office.

At that time you will be given instructions about who your Probation Officer is and when to return.

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