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He died 4 years ago. Me, my wife and kids all are British nationals if that helps. Someone told me my mother in law can apply for UK visa and settle here permanently on the basis of birth certificate from Kenya British Colony.

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My sister in law is under 18 years of age. If by any chance my mother in law gets the visa. Can my sister in law come on mother's basis? Could someone please help me in right direction? Do you have any details of your father in law and when they got married? I have a question for my readers. Why not encourage the legal establishment to rule on the evidence and the law, rather than avoiding the facts? Why not encourage the Supreme Court to rule, rather than evade?

Barack Obama Sr.

Why not encourage a public open discussion of the ineligibility issue? Why not have public debates on national television? Why not give millions of citizens the information they want? Or, why not simply ignore it? Why indeed? I know why.

Colonialism in Kenya

I don't think the eligibility should ever be an election issue. That's always something that should be taken care of before the candidate is allowed to run. In other words, the buck stopped at Nancy Pelosi. And since the buck stops at John Boehner.

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That said, I do believe that Obama wishes the birth certificate become the election issue. That's likely why they call on Romney to release his records. That's why Obama posted at least one photo shopped photo on his Facebook. If Obama's real birth certificate or a verified certified copy of were to find it's way to a Congressional Fact Finding Hearing, the fallout would be an attempt to impeach him immediately.

Congress may be able to declare all the legislation he signed null and void.

England and Wales Genealogy Records

Trump said he'd finance the investigation, maybe he should organize a sheriff from AZ to go to the UK, provide some legal request to obtain certified copies of the document. After all, exposing the illegal sealing of the document by a foreign national representative should not carry weight against a legal request from a law agency of Texas, Arizona, etc. Publicity of US Attorney Generals and Sheriffs from various states actively seeking that document would help, too.

I wouldn't hold my breath for it to actually happen, Brits can be awfully stubborn. I was suspicious when Obama refused to show his Birth Certificate. When he came up with a Certificate of Live Birth I was really suspicious.

British diaspora in Africa - Wikipedia

The reason was because my daughter got that when she was born on a Navy base in Japan. I had to write Washington to get a Birth Certificate. I told people that and was ignored. I even had one liberal said that we conservatives were getting clever. I don't care if your liberal or conservative is you don't qualify you don't get to be president. Now the Supreme Court wants to revisit what a natural born citizen is and that is to save Obama. The courts already did that and guess what they also used the word US parents not parent!!!! Don't expect any action from congress.

Nearly every member of congress is guilty of criminal activity. Boehner has told all members not to discuss Obama's eligibility at all, not even in private meetings or there will be a huge price to pay.

Start your assessment NOW!

Members of congress and the major media have been threatened with death, including their families if they speak out. Richard, How do you know that members of congress have had their lives threatened? Can you give me some documentation? What are your references? I would like to pursue this line further but need some factual data.

Threats of this nature are quite serious and our laws demand that they be investigated which we are doing. Thanks for your help. As long as this stuff continues about obama being a citizen or not we will never get him defeated on Nov.

What good will it do now? Isn't the constitution the supreme law of this land? I for one will not vote against the constitution, nor try to change its wording.. Yes the scheme contained at least two perpetrators.. One B. Clinton who nominated him and one Pelosi who did not check him out.. The Mormans do keep a very accurate account of births and deaths and after what was done to their morman friend Romney during the election, don't you think they would have exposed Obama by now if they had anything about Obummers birth?

Well can someone please go to Salt Lake City and look up whether the records are there? Ummm, yes. If that is true and they found this documentation, would you please share it with the world? America has become a nation of fools, and it is being led by a fool in chief.. Obama, a fool and a fraud Yes, the plot thickens As to these Micro Film documents, one would have to consider that these rocks had already been turned by those who wish to and continue to keep his factual record hidden.

Is there a crack in their work to cover-up? I can only hope, otherwise, this crisis will never be resolved.

Kenya Colony (now part of Kenya)

America no longer has men of honor leading the land I continue to watch for the George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and freedom fighters of our time to stand and deliver. Yes, P. You did read that Hillbillary went to London in Aug, and made a surprise visit to the hall of records and now no one can access them, right? In Hawaii, they will not accept a birth cert that does not have the special ink and seal of the issuing State. Just to get a permit to drive you must show: Birth Cert with special ink and Seal , Social Security Card, DD, and current utility bill showing proof of residences.

AND I have to take that information every two years when I get a new permit. Also needed for welfare I'm told by my neighbor. That's more than you need for a passport!

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